Remote Desktop and Laptop Backup

Protect your employees' data wherever they are working from with Arcserve's free remote backup.

Why is Remote Backup so Important?

With workforces now more distributed than ever before, ransomware has become an increasing threat to businesses as attackers exploit employees that are working from home.

As employees connect over the WAN, attackers are leveraging the security holes in the VPN systems that are being used for home-based security purposes. 

Business operations are being brought to a standstill as whole networks are infected from just one laptop being compromised.

Unified Data Protection Powered by Arcserve

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Get Your Free Arcserve Backup Application

Protect Your Data from the Threat of Ransomware

Say goodbye to disconnected data security plans with Arcserve's unified cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery.

  • Improve performance with quick on-appliance and offsite DR, instant VM and bare metal restore (BMR), and local and remote virtual standby.
  • Detect both known and unknow malware with integrated Sophos Intercept X Advanced for system protection using deep learning technologies (AI).
  • Prevent major hacking techniques like credential harvesting, lateral movement, and privilege escalation with exploit prevention.
  • Get total protection against cyberattacks, major disasters, and data loss.
arscerve backup appliance

Restore Clean Applications

Rollback applications to a point in time before a system crash, data corruption, or ransomware event.

Entirely Prevent Downtime

Asynchronous replication at the file system level of files/folders and applications, and full physical/virtual systems with heartbeat-powered automatic failover ensures they remain operational.

Eliminate the Need for VPNs

Transfer data with AES-128, AES-256 or custom-level encryption between local and remote locations without the need for a VPN.